Oncofertility University

oncofertuOncofertility University is a community collaboration to promote oncofertility education in the clinical setting. Fertile Action produced two online courses for oncology nurses with funding from the California Cryobank. Dr. Leonard Sender, an advisor on the project and co-leader of the Oncofertility Think Tank invented the idea of an agnostic place for everyone worldwide to gather and share resources they can implement in their own institution. It’s the education and resource website outside of a single institution. We don’t have an operating budget or operators! We just have a group of professionals who launched phase 1: global, online education accessible to all oncology nurses who are on the front-lines of cancer care for pediatric and AYA cancer patients. Students can complete each course in less than an hour and we have supplemental materials listed for additional reading. we have over 600 students in 66 countries already!

You can find us at www.oncofertilityuniversity.org and www.facebook.com/oncofertility

Our courses:

Male: www.udemy.com/male-oncofertility

Female: www.udemy.com/female-oncofertility