SREI Fellow Education Day Awards Now Available

This year, thanks to funding from the Society for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (SREI),  the Oncofertility Consortium has secured funding for five REI fellows to attend the 3rd annual Fellow Education Day at the Oncofertility Conference.  Each award is $1000 and should be used to offset registration fees and partial travel and lodging costs to attend the meeting.

Application deadline is September 30th.  All applications will be reviewed by Oncofertility Consortium staff and Fellow Education Day coordinators and recipients will be notified of award by October 15th. 

In order to be eligibile for the award, applicants must include the following:

Welcome to the Chinese Fertility Preservation Society, Newest Member of OPEN

On August 18th and 19th, Dr. Shuo Xiao, an Assistant Professor from University of South Carolina and also the current member of Oncofertility Consortium, was invited to give a talk at the Chinese Fertility Preservation Society (CFPS) 2nd Annual Meeting in Shanghai, China. Dr. Xiao introduced the framework and clinical and research advances of the Oncofertility Consortium and also talked about his research on how to use the newly developed bioengineering technologies to establish the female reproductive organ-on-a-chip.

Governor Rauner to Sign HB 2617- Providing Insurance Coverage for Oncofertility Patients in IL

On August 27, 2018, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner will sign in to law HB2617, which will ensure insurance covereage for oncofertility and fertility preservation patients. Illinois will join five other states that have passed similar legislation. This is a huge milestone for the field and on behalf of the Oncofertility Consortium, we congratulate the advocates, patients, and others who worked tirelessly to make sure this important bill was signed in to law.  A special thanks to our own Kristin Smith and Megan Connolly who attended multiple hearings, appeared multiple times before the House and Senate, and shared their personal stories to move this important issue forward. They are outstanding advocates and representatives for the entire field and none of this would have been possible without their dedication and hardwork. 

Simplify Cancer Podcast: Your Fertility Options Before Treatment

Dr. Mahmoud Salama, an active member of the Oncofertility Consortium and OPEN, recently represented the Consortium during a podcast interview where he discussed fertility preservation options for cancer patients. The interview appeared on the Simplify Cancer Podcast, a podcast for cancer patients and survivors that features a cancer fighter, survivor, or medical expert each episode. During the podcast, Dr. Salama discussed raising oncofertility awareness among patients and detailed the available fertility preservation options for both men and women. Click here to listen to the podcast in its entirety. 

1st Royan Symposium on Oncofertility

Members of the Oncofertility Professional Engagment Network (OPEN) from Iran recently hosted their first ever Sypomisum on Oncofertility in June. The Royan Symposium on Oncofertility was held on June 21, 2018 in Tehran, Iran. The Symposium was jointly organized by Royan Institute and with cooperation from the Supportive care hospital for cancerous children (Mahak Charity). The recent Symposium addressed basic scientific and clinic themes in cancer patients. The meeting was attended by scientific and medical clinical experts, and researchers from the various fields of embryology, oncology, gynecology, andrology, epidemiology, and other researchers in reproductive fields. Attached is the entire report from the Symposium. Congratulations to our colleagues for hosting this first of its kind meeting in Iran!


Fellows- Register now for Fellow Education Day at the 2018 Oncofertility Conference!

This year at the 2018 Oncofertility Conference, we will host our third annual Fellow Education Day. This day long program will be on the third day of the conference and is open to all fellows in related medical fields. The purpose of the course is to educate fellows on fertility preservation and survivorship care for cancer patients across the reproductive life cycle.  The course will also model a team approach to fertility preservation care. 

Spots are limited for this course, so register now to confirm your attendance and ensure a low-early bird rate. 

We are actively trying to secure funds for Fellow's Day Scholarships, so stay tuned for more information!  If funds become available, this website will be updated and registered fellows will be notified accordingly. 

Improving Oncofertility Practice in China: Exciting works done by researchers from the University of South Carolina and Nanjing Medical University

Ke Ju, Yuqing Wang, and Gehui Yuan are undergraduate students from Nanjing Medical University (NMU) in China and now conduct their visiting research projects in Dr. Shuo Xiao’s Reproductive Health & Toxicology laboratory at University of South Carolina (USC). Dr. Xiao, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences, Arnold School of Public Health at USC, is an active member of Oncofertility Consortium and makes his efforts to promote Oncofertility development in his home country, China. As the country having the largest population of cancer patients, China has not yet integrated fertility preservation guidelines into medical field and Oncofertility is still a brand-new concept there, suggesting that most of young male and female cancer patients are receiving cancer therapy without discussing their reproductive damage as well as their infertility risk after cancer. By working with Dr.

Prospective Study of Female Patients' Perceptions about FP Decision-making

A new publication in the Journal of Psychosocial Oncology from our partners in Portugal is now available online. The paper is prospective study of female cancer patients' perceptions about the fertility preservation decision-making process, and the decision quality, and the impact of the health professionals in these variables.  First author, Cláudia Melo, has been an active member of the Consortium and will be defending her thesis in the upcoming weeks. Congratuatlions to our colleagues for their hardwork on this publication. The abstract appears below and the complete article is available for download as well.