Congratulations to our Japanese colleague Kouhei Sugimoto

Congratulations to our colleague and friend of the Consortium, Dr. Kouhei Sugimoto, who recently received a job promotion. 

Dr. Sugimoto is now a professor at Dokkyo Medical University Koshigaya Hospital in Mibu, Tochigi, Japan. He will move there in April to start his new role as a professor in the reproduction center of the hospital.  Dr. Sugimoto has contributed greatly to the global efforts of the OC. He spent three months in Chicago in 2015 where he worked to translate parts of the oncofertility website into Japanese so the materials would be accessible in native language to his patients at home in Japan. He has attended many of the Oncofertility Conferences and last year he presented his work during the annual Global Partner's meeting. We wish him continued success and are happy to have worked with him to build a close relationship with our Japanese partners.

Dr. Sugimoto, thank you for all you do for the reproductive health of so many people, particularly Japanese women with fertility threatening conditions!