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Watch the February VGR presented by Teresa Woodruff

On Wednesday, February 15, Dr. Teresa Woodruff gave the VGR: Communicating Reproductive Science to a Doubtful World. During the talk, Dr. Woodruff described in detail all of the educational resources developed by the Oncofertility Consortium. Recently, the OC launched its newest website Reprotopia: Reproductive Health Education for All, which provides reproductive health education resources across the entire life spectrum, from K-Gray.  Her presenation followed a similar format and introduced educational materials for children to adults, students to professionals. 

All of the educational resources can be found online on Reprotopia. The PPT slides from the talk are also available here: 

Introducing Reprotopia

The Oncofertility Consortium is proud to announce its latest website Reprotopia: Reproductive Health Education for All. Reprotopia is the one stop shop for all of the Consortium's educational programs.

This online resource provides individuals of all ages with authoritative reproductive health education from K to Gray. Since reproductive health is vastly important to overall well being, the Oncofertility Consortium and its partners have created a variety of useful websites, courses, and other tools to educate the public about the importance of reproduction and science and to demystify the sometimes-taboo topic. Reprotopia packages all of these initiatives and programs in one, easy to navigate website so users, including young children, teenagers, parents, and educators, can learn about reproductive health across the entire life spectrum, in wellness and during times of illness.

French translations now available

Colleagues in Tunisia at the Aziza Othmana ART Center of Tunis completed translating the SaveMyFertility materials into French. This work was completed by Fatma Douik, Khadija Berejeb Kacem, and Marouen Braham under the direction of Mohamed Khrouf (pictured). We thank them for their hard work and appreciate their efforts to make oncofertility materials accessible to patients in their native language. 

Oncofertility materials are now available in the following languages:

Two New Features in the ASCO Post

Each year the Oncofertility Conference brings together a diverse community of oncofertility stakeholders to review the yearly progress made in the field. Because the annual conference is so unique, it is no surprise that we receive news coverage each year. The 2016 Conference was featured in two ASCO Post online articles this week. ASCO Post reporter Charlotte Bath attended the conference and wrote about her experience in these two online pieces. Both of these articles are now available online and can be found here:

New Oncofertility Book!

The fifth book in the oncofertility series:  Pediatric and Adolescent Oncofertility Best Practices and Emerging Technologies, is now available for purchase! ​The first book of its kind presenting a comprehensive discussion of pediatric and adolescent oncofertility. Congratulations to all of our colleagues who contributed to this book.

The book has been published in these formats:
•         Print and e-book versions for purchase by individuals and institutions.
•         Online, as part of our online subscription product,, which is used by institutions.  (If your institution subscribes to SpringerLink, you can access this electronic version of your book at All of our academic library customers worldwide will have the opportunity to select the book for stocking on their shelves and/or to make it available electronically to their patrons via SpringerLink.