The handwritten letter: a thing of the past?

Today, I walked by a filled meeting room and overheard someone say,  ” I never open my paper mail any more.”   It sounded like the group was discussing email banking and other electronic transactions.   Though I still pay my bills by snail mail, I recognize  the potential benefits of the latest phone and computer apps–I’m just not ready for it!    Email and facebook has reconnected families and opened communications lines that enable busy, overworked people to keep you posted on their latest activities.




What does concern me is the loss of the wonderful art of letterwriting.   Does anyone remember when love letters were saved and tied in ribbon?  What about those letters you received at camp or when you first went away to college?   The handwritten letter meant someone was really thinking about you and missed you.  The letter was even more special if the writing itself was beautiful or if the bold print of a child was accompanied by a colorful crayola picture!    Today, many of us still find old letters in boxes that are stored away in our sheds and closets from families and friends.   Somehow, opening a computer file just doesn’t work quite the same when it comes to nostalgia and fond memories.