Japan Society for Reproductive Psychology 2017

Below is a message from one of our most active Global Partners, Dr. Kouhei Sugimoto, who represents the Japanese Society for Fertility Preservation. Congratulations to the team for all their hardwork!

We participated in the Congress of the Japan Society for Reproductive Psychology (JSRP) 2017. 

Dr. Tomoe Koizumi won the best article prize of the journal of JSRP 2015! She delivered a  great presentation in an educational seminar entitled: 'The new way of psychosocial care for infertility patients by each healthcare providers.' She discussed the features of Japannese care system, comparing with those of some foreign countries in Europe. It is clear that the Japanese style is more interdisciplinary! Each healthcare providers make efforts as far as they can in each situations. This Japanese style for infertility patients is also useful for oncofertility patients. I felt thrilled to hear her great lecture. Many healthcare providers might be aware that their efforts of psychosocial care are useful for oncofertility patients as well as infertility patients. I will continue to make sure that we are going on the right way for psychosocial care of oncofertility. I appreciate Dr. Woodruff's great mentorship of us.


Our plan is to make a seminar for the psychosocial care of Oncofertility next year. I am happy to continue to advance in the psychosocial care of nncofertility gradually in Japan.I believe that my overseas education in the Oncofertility Consortium contributes to the progress of  the psychosocial care of Oncofertility in Japan.