Major Women’s Health Topics of 2010

WebMD recently featured an article about the top stories in women’s health.  They reported the five most popular stories were:

  • Period (menstrual) Problems
  • Fatigue
  • Super Foods that Women need
  • Thyroid Problems
  • Sex and Relationships

Our own Institute for Women’s Health Research Blog featured evidence-based articles on many of these topics.   In fact, judging from the number of comments we received from our readers, among our most active blogs were the ones about diet and weight, sleep problems, gynecologic problems, and heart health.     We’d love to hear from our followers on topics they would like us to explore in 2011.   The Institute for Women’s Health Research is committed to providing information that is authoritative and based on the latest research.    If you follow us, you will sometime see that the research we present contradicts the current information on a specific disease or condition.     That is the nature of scientific research—it is ever evolving.   It is important that we continue to support the advancement of women’s health research and make sure scientists explore topics using a sex and gender lens.   For far too long, most research was done in males and applied to women.     When we look at both men and women, we learn more about the complex human body—- and everyone benefits!

Thank you for reading our blog and let’s hope the new year finds a world that is more tolerant, kind, equitable and healthy!