Oncofertility Event in Lima, Peru

The Oncofertility Consortium is happy to announce an upcoming oncofertility event in Lima, Peru, which will be hosted by members of the Oncofertility Global Partners Network. Here is the announcement from Flor Sánchez:

The event, "VIII International Campus course: Updates on ART in the Andean Region Focus on Fertility preservation", organized by Johan Smitz, PhD (UZBRUSSEL/VUB - Belgium), Sergio Romero, PhD (CEFRA/BIOMER) and Flor Sánchez, PhD (BIOMER) - Peru, will be held on Lima, Peru on April, 14th - 16th.

The meeting will feature with lectures, hands on courses and symposiums about reproduction and fertility preservation topics and is addressed to Embryologists, biologists, medical technologists, obstetrician-gynecologists, medical oncologists, nurses, psychologists, professionals and students linked to ART and interested in the field of assisted reproduction.

Among the experts we will have the organizers, Johan Smitz (BE), Sergio Romero (PE), and Flor Sánchez (PE), and the invited speakers,  Mary Zelinski (USA), Carlos Plancha (PT), Bruce Murphy (CA), Jhenifer Rodrigues (BR), José Ricardo de Figueiredo (BR),  Sandro Gerli (IT), Francisco Escudero (PE), Ricardo Pella (PE), Jimmy Portella (PE), and Jhon Troya (PE).

Click here for more information about the event.