Our research in the news!

Yes, I’m tooting our own horn – but only because it’s pretty darn exciting!  The Institute’s very own director Dr. Teresa Woodruff (a.k.a. my esteemed advisor) and members of our lab have been in the news for a research article that was just published online this week.  A major part of our research focuses on developing and improving on methods for three-dimensional culture of  ovarian follicles, the compartments of the ovary which individually house the all-important eggs.  Our lab is hoping to establish this technique as a new option in women’s fertility preservation, which currently consists of methods such as freezing of ovarian tissue or performing emergency IVF.  We will definitely post more on fertility preservation in the near future since it is becoming an important decision for an increasing number of women and the Institute is within a hub of fertility preservation not only in research, but also in clinical practice.

But for now, I’ll post a couple news articles about the lab’s recent accomplishments here and expand in future posts.  Enjoy (and don’t forget to post your comments)!