Should your boss deny you birth control coverage?

The Supreme Court recently ruled some businesses can deny birth control coverage for women across the country. These companies can make all the money they want yet they can deny important health coverage to their workers.  We don’t hear about limiting coverage for male services, just those that impact women!

According to the National Women’s Law Center, “the Obama administration has proposed rules that would ensure women have coverage of birth control regardless of their boss’s religious beliefs. It’s up to us to make sure these rules are strong and provide women coverage that is easy to get and hassle free”.

Send a comment to the Administration telling them to take the steps necessary to ensure birth control coverage for the women left behind by the Supreme Court. Send your message now!   It’s time to undo the unfairness of this Supreme Court decision on U.S. women.   Large businesses get tax breaks, they swing elections, and the can make their bosses rich—let’s not let them control women’s bodies, too!