TEDxNorthwesternU 2016: Beyond Boundaries

On April 9th, Woodruff Lab member Monica Laronda, PhD participated in TEDxNorthwesternU 2016: Beyond Boundaries.  During this day-long event, speakers discussed the creativity and ingenuity that drives innovation at Northwestern and around the world.  

Monica’s TEDx talk described current innovations at NU that advances the state of tissue engineering that has been stalled at the production of simple tissue constructs, like skin. Monica collaborates with materials scientists and engineers in Ramille Shah's lab to develop of a 3D printed scaffold for an ovary bioprosthesis that restores hormones and fertility to sterilized mice. She envisions this research beyond the bench to the patient by developing clinical-grade techniques. This work was recently featured in a press conference at ENDO2016 in Boston, MA earlier this month

Video available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjUsgkjGgyE&feature=youtu.be