TEDxNU event: A great success!

Thank you to all who attended TEDxNU: The Complex World of Fertility last night. We had a great time listening to the speakers and even got a chance to see some entertaining and enlightening clips from other TED talks. A special thanks to Sharon Green, the emcee for the evening, and to Dr. Uzzi, Dr. O’Halloran, and Dr. Woodruff, who blew us away with their discussions of collaborative science, reproductive health, and breakthroughs in fertility preservation research.

Are you interested in the mystery of life?  Complexity science?  Infertility? Or the changing process of scientific discovery? Are you a TED or TEDx fan? Check out the webcast videos from this event that will be posted to our website and on this blog in a couple of weeks. To learn more about the topics and speakers, visit www.tedx.northwestern.edu.