Upcoming Opportunities with True North Treks

True North Treks is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of adolescent and young adult cancer survivors during their transition or "re-entry" from a cancer diagnosis and treatment to survivorship.  TNT is offering exciting opportunities for caregivers and survivors in 2016!  Between the end of May and mid-September True North Treks has some amazing week-long backpacking and canoeing treks lined up in Montana, Idaho, Minnesota and Utah.

Canoeing Trek Along An Awe-Inspiring Lewis & Clark River Passageway - Montana  (Caregiver/Survivor Trek; May 29th – June 4th)

Backpacking Trek in the Breathtaking Selkirk Mountains of Northwest Idaho (Survivor Only Trek; July 24th – 30th)

Canoeing Trek in the Beautiful Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota (Survivor Only Trek; August 21st – 27th)

Canoeing Trek Along the Magnificent Green River - Utah (Caregiver/Survivor Trek; September 11th – 19th)

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