What does the Supreme Court Decision mean to women?

The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the health care law (Affordable Care Act) will keep in place important benefits to women:

  • Women will no longer  be charged more than men for the same health coverage  by insurance companies because women use more health services (preexisting conditions??)
  • Preventive health services like mammograms, birth control, and well women visits will be covered without a co-pay or deductible.
  • Women will no longer be denied health coverage for having survived domestic violence or rape, or having had a Caesarean section.
  • Maternity care will be included in all health care plans.
  • Low income and underserved women will gain financial access to coverage, whether through the Medicaid program or help with insurance premiums.

While the opponents to ACA will turn this into a political battle, the Supreme Court has added credence to the need to create a health care system that benefits all people.  Hopefully, our country’s leadership will spend more time on improving this Act rather than spending energy tearing it apart and pandering political rhetoric.