Women Veterans Need Our Support!

Fatigues to Fabulous to Aid Women Veterans

The Society for Women’s Health Research (SWHR) announced today that Tuesday, February 15th during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, SWHR and their partner Grace After Fire, a support network for women veterans, will be launching the Fatigues to Fabulous (F2F) campaign – a national program created to honor the service of women veterans and support their transition home. The campaign is working with the fashion industry to help women make the transition to a civilian wardrobe, raise awareness of the challenges women veterans face upon return, and harness resources to support them.

Just as disease affects women differently than men, so too do military women have unique health concerns that differ from their male counterparts. While accidents and injuries are often an uncontrollable reality for those who serve, what we can control is making sure women are appropriately equipped and protected. For those injuries that cannot be prevented, we must have in place care options that are designed for women. Some studies are already reporting important differences in the incidence, severity, and outcomes among male and female veterans in conditions ranging from PTSD to urological conditions and muscle and joint disorders. Finding the best, evidence-based treatments for women and men can only happen with research.

Please  help to get the word out about the campaign. Visit the F2F Facebook Page and become a fan! And please don’t be shy…share the link with your friends, family and professional associations.