December 2012

Women’s Leadership and Advancement

Yesterday, I heard some very insightful tips about leadership and women.  Anne Pramaggiore, President and CEO of ComEd, a leading utility company in Illinois, was the speaker and shared some of her keys to success.   She began by suggesting it’s not about “breaking the glass ceiling” but instead, borrowing from Northwestern’s Professor Alice Eagly, it’s more like “working through the labryinth”.*  In other words, career advancement is a complex journey with twists and turns throughout the road.  By using the  journey analogy, Pramag

How one girl’s determination can change school nutrition

A 9-year-old girl from Western Scotland named Martha ‘Veg’ Payne started a blog called NeverSeconds that caught the attention of Scotland’s politicians. Her blog documented her public primary school’s lunches, chronicling the low points and the high points. Because she was documenting some of the unhealthy and unappetizing lunches her school was serving to the students, she received some negative feedback from Scotland’s politicians and her school.  With her father owning a farming property, and a physician for a mother, Martha is no stranger to nutrition and health.