January 2015

NPC Member Spotlight: University of Pittsburgh

We’re exited to begin a new blog series to spotlight National Physicians Cooperative member institutions!  If your institution is a member of the NPC, submit your information to us for development of an institution-specific page on the Oncofertility Consortium website, as well as a blog post, to oncofertility@northwestern.edu.  If you are interested in learning more about how to join the NPC, contact Brigid Smith at brigid.smith@northwestern.edu or (312)503-2506.


Upcoming events with SHARE

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SHARE, a support group for women facing breast and ovarian cancer,  has some great free webinars coming up and all are invited to participate!

Metastatic Breast Cancer:  On Thursday, January 29, from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM EST, Dr. Shari Goldfarb of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, will answer the question, “What’s New in the Treatment of Metastatic Breast Cancer?” She’ll describe how the research findings presented at last month’s San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium  are relevant for people living with metastatic disease.

Sign up for this free webinar here:

Science literacy helps answer life’s questions

Understanding science isn’t just important to scientists and health care professionals, a basic understanding of science is critical for all people to participate fully in the national and international conversation.   A recent issue of The Conversation, discusses the importance of science literacy in today’s world whether we are trying to learn the facts about Ebola or wanting to learn what stem cell research is.   Many of our public policies and regulations need to be based on facts and not politics and biased headline reporting.